Top 26 Pub Snacks dearly missed during lockdown.

Ah the Pub. How I love it, how I miss it. Sure they’re slowly coming back but will they ever be the same? Warm beer, sticky floors, a swift jaeger after 6 pints on a Tuesday night. Most of all though, the cuisine, the fine fine cuisine.

Here’s my top 26 pub ‘snacks’ ranking from worst to best. Have I got it right? You be the judge, but ask yourself will Britain be the same without this MASSIVE contribution to its gastronomical prowess? God I hope you get through this pubs!

  1. Beef Jerkey 

Apparently it’s all the rage in East London. They can keep it.

  1. Bombay Mix

What actually is it? 

  1. Pork Scratchings

Controversially low I know, but hair & nipples on food, plus they’re either suspiciously soft or teeth crackingly hard.

  1. Pickled Eggs

It’s said that many jars have not been opened since pubs first rose to popularity in 1481. Once a landlord opened one for a dare & was instantly blinded. True story!



  1. Wasabi Peas

Very on trend. If you like a hole burnt through your tongue.

  1. Chilli Rice Cracker

For when I’m feeling sophisticated.

  1. Twiglets

Can’t stop eating them even though they taste like death.

  1. Cheese Moments

A rarely seen classic. If you know, you know.



  1. Half Pint of Prawns

Prawns in a glass, as British as Queen Liz, Shit weather & queuing.

  1. Dry Roasted Peanuts

Nothing wrong with a nut. But that coating? Tastes like vomit!

  1. Mixed nuts

You're moving up in the world. Treat yourself!



  1. Cashew Nuts

Remortgage the house to afford a handful.

  1. Spiced Peanuts

Pretty good. But not much to write home about.

  1. Salted Peanuts

As timeless & sturdy as the British Railway system - oh no wait!

  1. Pork Pie

A symbol of nationalism that anyone can get behind. I salute you sir.



  1. Plain Crisps

The safe option. Also handy time filler if waiting on others.

  1. Mini Cheddars

Basically a complete meal. That’s dinner done, let’s get drinking!

  1. Pickled Onions

An endangered species in the Pub snack world, I for one am sad about that. Let’s start a campaign!

  1. Cheese & Onion Crisps

God save our gracious queen, long live our noble…*wipes a tear from his eye.



  1. Scotch Egg

When they’re good - they are GOOD! When they are bad, ah who’m I kidding I’m pissed!

  1. Sausage Roll

A bit too heavy to be a Pub snack, plus it’s not Gregg’s is it.

  1. Chips

No comment needed.

  1. Quavers

A bag the size of a rugby ball, what’s not to love? Oh you’re supposed to share them?!

  1. Bacon Fries

Because. Bacon.

  1. Salt & Vinegar Crisps

In whatever shape & style, god love this tasty tasty beast. The undisputed champion of crisps...but wait

  1. Scampi Fries

Get’s the number one spot because it is all that embodies the Great British Pub, a mystery to the rest of the world with our flat ales, dirty carpets & brass covered walls. No other country does social drinking like us. FACT. But like the Scampi Fry, it may be a little unusual. But by Churchills chin we love it.

Think I’ve missed one? Underrated a few? Let us know in the FB comments.

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